Electronic Test Reader

The DrugRead™ is a mobile device that interprets and stores DrugWipe™ test results. It is a reliable device that shows a clear yes or no result when a DrugWipe™ is inserted. The DrugRead™ has a time-controlled test run and offers precise time keeping, with a printing option. The DrugRead™ is easy to use and is a popular instrument for roadside control officials at checkpoints and in police stations.

Each DrugRead™ comes equipped with a power adapter, an in-vehicle charging cable, an USB download cable and a user guide. Bluetooth printer with adapter and in-vehicle charging cable and a DrugRead™ stand are available upon request.

  • Fast interpretation of various types of DrugWipe™ drug screeners.
  • Provides accurate yes or no results that you can trust.
  • Designed to be carried anywhere you go.
  • Conveniently stores previous test results.
  • Touch screen operation for ease of use.
  • Available USB port will make your data transfer to the computer easier.
  • Operates on energy saving mode to save battery life.

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