DrugWipe™ A

DrugWipe™ A
Universal Drug Screener

The DrugWipe™ A is a drug screener that tests for controlled substances present in saliva, sweat and surfaces. This drug screener can test for various controlled substances, providing accurate results in less than 10 minutes. It allows you to conduct a test in an easy to use, quick and hygienic manner without the invasion of privacy.

  • Method of collection: Saliva, sweat and surfaces.
  • Hygienic drug screener designed for one time use.
  • Your test results will be available in less than 10 minutes.
  • Detects multiple controlled substances: Cannabis, opiates, cocaine, benzodiazepines, amphetamine and methamphetamines (MDMA, ecstasy).
  • Provides you with reliable results that you can trust.
  • Testing for single or multiple controlled substances available upon request. *
  • Preset level of drug detection can be altered upon request. *
* Minimum order quantities have to be met.

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