Ignition Interlock

Work environments can be demanding. The ALCOLOCK™ V3 ignition interlock is engineered to withstand vibration, dirt, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures typically found in commercial applications.

A vehicle operator must provide a successful breath test before the engine can be started. All testing information can be uploaded into the CITE application, where it can be stored, tracked and used to generate reports.

  • 1 year warranty offered to ensure that your device is taken care of.
  • Customizable to cater to consumer and workplace safety requirements.
  • Durable design resists tough working conditions.
  • Industry trusted electrochemical sensor provides you with accurate test results every time.
  • Keeps track of your records and important dates.
  • Displays a calibration reminder for your convenience.
  • You will only need to calibrate it once in a year.
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